"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."  - Helen Keller

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Our Story

Philanthropic Projects

  • Funding for the Weathervane replica for Ole Hanson Beach Club
  • Scholarships to graduating students at San Clemente High School
  • Delivery for Meals on Wheels
  • Donations to the Family Assistance Ministry
  • Contributions of books to the SCHS Library
  • Dinner for families at the OC Ronald McDonald House
  • Donations to the Boys & Girls Club of the South Coast Area
  • Donations to San Clemente Military Family Outreach
  • Donation to OC Special Spokes
  • Adopt families for Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Direct giving to many other local clubs and organizations

Our Objective

We strive to work constructively and harmoniously for the promotion of civic, philanthropic, cultural, and educational interests, as well as the general advancement of the San Clemente Community.


As a member of the San Clemente Woman's Club you will also be a part of the General Federation of Women's Clubs. GFWC is the oldest and largest volunteer organization in the world with over ten million members worldwide in more than 40 countries. We are a non-profit, non-political, and non-sectarian organization.

Words from Our President...

An ongoing series of informational entries

Words From Our President

I am honored to serve again as President of the San Clemente Woman’s Club. We are a small but mighty group of women who work hard, have a lot of fun, raise money and, along the way, develop wonderful friendships. SCWC has been working to improve and support our community since 1931.

Every year, SCWC offers scholarships to college-bound graduates of San Clemente High School. This year we have given 6 scholarships to deserving students. Education is quite important to our club, so we also gave 5 computers to our local Boys and Girls Club for their afterschool educational enrichment program.

But education is not our only focus! Our volunteers support both Meals on Wheels as well as the Orange County Ronald McDonald House.

In May 2022, we will present a tricked-out E-Bike with special First Aid and Lifesaving features to the city’s Marine Safety Department for use in Emergencies at inaccessible beaches. (And we’ll get our photo taken with the cute Lifeguards!!) In February, we donated a special saddle for Surf and Turf Therapy which offers therapeutic activities to children and adults with disabilities. Finally, SCWC supplies financial support on an as-needed basis to Family Assistance Ministries and San Clemente Military Family Outreach.

In the recent past, we have donated a weathervane for the Ole Hansen Swim Club historic restoration, stained glass windows for the local library, OC spokes bicycles for children with disabilities and a free Beach wheelchair so that handicapped visitors can enjoy our sandy beaches.

I want to thank our members and the community of San Clemente for your generous support of our fundraising efforts. Please consider a donation or attend one of our fabulous events!! And, as always, we invite you to explore membership in our terrific group to help continue our legacy.

Kristin Korkunis, President, San Clemente Woman’s Club

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others” –Audrey Hepburn